Greg Young


For over 40 years Greg has been helping companies and organizations get maximum results by helping their managers, supervisors and employees become more engaged and motivated. The companies he has been involved with experienced healthy revenue growth and increased net profits above industry average. His experience is “hands on” as a top executive of companies with annual revenue ranging from $1,000,000 to $160,000,000. As a small business owner he created 30 jobs.

Greg specializes in:

  • Accountability – by implementing a system with clear benchmarks tied to a pay for performance incentive plan; this gets employees fully engaged and increases profits. Review existing financial reporting to make sure the reports are timely, accurate, and useful in helping management make better decisions. Suggest ways to improve existing systems.
  • Developing job descriptions that are concise, practical  and includes measureable benchmarks.
  •  Evaluation systems that are useful to the company and which matches the benchmarks in job description of the individual. It includes a career development component.
  • Executive coaching – helping owners and managers find more time to spend on strategy and less on “doing”. Coaching helps executives reduce the stress in their lives and establish a plan to grow the people under their direction. Currently Greg provides coaching monthly to nine owners involved in 5 companies.
  • Leadership training (for owners, Managers and Supervisors) -training that is tailored specifically to your company and personnel. We address the issues and challenges that your organization is experiencing and establish specific action items as well as an individual growth plan for each participant.
  • Sales training – teach sales representatives how to establish value and build relationships with existing clients and ideal prospects. The “price is everything” mantra is a sure-fire way to underperform. Professional sales people develop the skills necessary to sell on value. Greg has experience  in training sales people in many different industries.
  • Organizational structure – review existing organizational chart and suggest any needed adjustments. Establish which positions will need to be added and when to add them to help grow your company.
  • Strategic Planning – to help companies get to the next level by addressing all phases of the business including sales, operations and financial.
  • Conflict resolution – an established method that works! It resolves conflict between individuals or departments.